Crafting a brilliant mission statement doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep the process simple. Here’s how to craft a mission statement that doesn’t suck and, at the same time, helps build an emotional connection with your audience.

Step 1: Start with “Our Mission is” followed by a verb

The purpose of your mission statement is to inspire your employees and customers. 

Having a mission statement that describes your brand’s products and services will not help you get your audience behind your company. 

It’s important to make sure that your mission statement drives action. Companies should start their mission statement with “Our mission” followed by a verb – an action word that helps you fulfill your purpose. Also, it’s important to note this verb should be in the present tense. Put your mission statement in the present tense. In Facebook’s mission statement, while they haven’t used the words “Our Mission,” they have used the verb “give” which is a word that drives action.

Step 2: Define your commitment

The first step is supposed to determine the action. You need to define your commitment as the next step. This needs to include what your brand is actually going to do – whether it’s for people or for other businesses. 

Since the mission statement is supposed to inspire action, you need to present what action it is going to be.

Again, let’s take Facebook’s mission statement into consideration:

 “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”

They have clearly defined their commitment – ‘give people the power’

Step3: Include who your company serves

Next,  think about who your company serves. Are you a B2B or a B2C company? Are you impacting people or other businesses? 

Think of who your business serves. You need to be clear on who your target audience is. You need to include them in your mission statement.

In Facebook’s mission statement, the tech giant has used the words “give people the power.” They have not only mentioned their audience but also how they are helping people. 

Step 4: Describe the benefit

Lastly, you need to highlight the overall benefit of your brand. There needs to be an overall benefit that will make your target audience believe in your mission.

Facebook’s mission is to  ‘build community’ and ‘bring the world closer together.’

Amazon’s mission statement also includes  two benefits:

  • find, discover and buy anything – for buyers
  • maximize their success – for sellers

The company clearly states the benefits for their two main audiences.  Similarly, you’ll want to address your target audience and the overall benefit for them.