What is Strategy X


Your Path to Success

After you implement the Strategy X Platform & Business Process
the following will happen

Strategy Plan

Your strategic plan is clear

Your entire strategic business plan will be on one page making it easy for you to see how your business vision, mission and goals will be achieved.

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Success Factors Monitored

All success factors are monitored

All of the factors (metrics) critical to achieve your goals will be measured, monitored and managed with "at a glance" green and red lights telling you instantly if you're on or off track.

Risks Managed

Risks are managed

Everything you need to manage and control your business risk is provided. Our risk module complies with international risk standard 31000. Your business will have the best possible chance of success

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Marketing Plan Implemented

Marketing Plan is implemented

You'll know who your customers are, what they want, and when they want it. You'll know how to reach them frequently and you'll be able to measure and monitor the results of your marketing activities.

Projects Completed

Projects are completed

You'll have one place to capture, track and manage tactical projects. Your projects will be aligned to your strategic goals, they will be adding value to your business and you'll have all of the tools to keep them on time and on budget.

Problem Solved

Problems are fixed

You’ll have the framework required to capture and solve business problems ensuring your business is continuously improving

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Ideas Implemented

Ideas are implemented

Innovation is the key to your businesses future. You'll feel comfortable that all idea’s are being captured and implemented with nothing falling through the cracks

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Actions Planned

Actions are planned & prioritised

Planning and prioritizing ensures what matters to a business gets done first. You'll know at any time what the priorities are of the company, each department and each staff member. Prior planning and prioritising will prevent poor performance.

Focused Team

Your team is focussed

Every member of your team will be aligned & focussed on the actions required to achieve your corporate objectives.

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Staff Engaged

Employees are engaged

Your staff will have complete clarity on what’s required of them allowing them to be engaged and contributing to the overall success of the business

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Staff Accountable

Staff are accountable for results

Everything you need to manage a team is provided at a glance, so you know what deadlines are being met and which ones are at risk of slipping.

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Strategy Executed

Your strategy will be executed

The principles and business process required to execute your strategic plan is built into our platform ensuring you have the tools to succeed

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Vision Mission

Your vision, mission & goals will be achieved

We provide the structure and clarity required to establish, manage and achieve your goals.

Will you benefit by using Strategy X

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The Results


Customer Satisfaction


Strategies Implemented


Goals Achieved


Actions Completed


Risks Managed


Projects Completed


Success Factors Managed


Problems Solved


Ideas Implemented

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