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Strategy Execution

The Strategy Execution podcast is for leaders who want to learn how to turn plans into action and get results fast.

3-way financial modeling provides a broader perspective on your financial future
Episode 19

Why 3 Way Financial Forecasting will benefit your business

3-way financial forecasting helps get a closer look at cash flow, P&L, and balance sheets. This helps the decision-making process, by assessing a company’s financial future

Business owners who rely on a business operating system have a clear idea what happens next in their business.
Episode 18

What happens next in your business

Do you spend your days fighting fires and dealing with unexpected issues? Find out how to break that cycle.

Critical success factors help identify your key organizational objectives.
Episode 17

How to Manage Success Factors to Conquer Your Goals?

Key success factors help your company define goals, mission and business objectives. Determining the process and strategies for achieving them becomes simpler.

Transformational leadership can help you ensure long-lasting business growth.
Episode 16

Transactional Leadership vs. Transformational Leadership

Too many business owners want to shift to a transformational leadership style but can’t do so because there is too much on their plate. Automation can help you solve this issue.

Business risk comes in many shapes and sizes, which is why you should always be alert and ready.
Episode 15

Learn How to Spot and Mitigate Business Risk

Leverage internal audits, competitive analysis, and technology to minimize business risk.

Culture is formed from habit
Episode 14

More culture than a bucket of yogurt

Developing your desired company culture requires time, attention and planning. As a business leader, you must understand there is no set formula to create a company culture.

I'll tell you what you value
Episode 13

Creating a world-class values statement

Developing a values statement is critical to your company culture. It’s more than just inspiring quotes slapped onto brands with no relationship to the business whatsoever. Instead, values statements are expressions crafted to reflect the

Goal-setting sets the direction of the company and gives everyone a sense of purpose.
Episode 12

Scale Your Business by Setting the Right Company Goals

Most businesses struggle with their goal-setting process. At StrategyX, we uncomplicate the complicated. listen to our step-by-step guide to goal-setting.

How to write a mission statement
Episode 11

How to write a world-class mission statement

Your mission statement must describe what your employees are actually going to do each day that will ultimately lead you to your vision, or your ultimate goal

World-class Vision Statement
Episode 10

Writing a Vision Statement to Inspire

4 easy steps to writing a world-class vision statement.

Get a competitive advantage by focussing on your core competencies
Episode 9

How Core Competencies will Future-proof your business

Develop core competencies to future-proof your business and to gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Scoreboards, like the ones used in StrategyX, show you how your business is tracking to strategic goals at a glance.
Episode 8

Do you know if you're winning or losing?

Scoreboards are critical for the effective management of any business, but not enough people use them. Find out how to set up scoreboards to help you achieve your goals

How you do anything is how you do everything
Episode 7

The future and why understaning core business is critical

Understanding your core business is critical to how you make money right now. You'll be able to focus on improving the skills and the underlying processes to become more efficient or more productive in the way you generate revenue.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
Episode 6

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Every person has the same 24 hours in a day, and yet, some people manage to get a lot more value out of their time. So what is it that these people do differently? Well, they choose wisely what they will focus on for the day. More importa

Episode 5

Accountability – Without results, effort is just effort

So the question becomes, 'How do you turn effort into the results you desire?’ How do you create high performing teams? There is no one silver bullet, but there are what I like to call silver bullet processes that, if followed, will lead

It doesnt matter how slow you go, do not stop
Episode 4

Engagement – Will you marry me?

Employee engagement can be defined as the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work

To be on the same page we must be in the same book
Episode 3

Why do we need alignment?

In business we hear this all the time, “We need to be aligned.” Have you wondered why alignment is so important?

Clear Direction is Essential
Episode 2

Direction - which way did he go?

After 20 years of being an entrepreneur and CEO of private and public companies, I can tell you one of the most important factors in achieving your goals is having a clear direction for where you want your company to go. It’s also the #1

Spotify Strategy Execution Podcast
Episode 1

What is World-Class Strategy Execution?

There are five essential elements for turning hard work into business results. This is true regardless of the industry or business you operate in. If you master these five things, you will be on your way to success

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