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Implementation Coach

StrategyX is looking for successful leaders who want to make a positive impact on businesses all over the world.

Why become an Implementation Coach?

Make Money

StrategyX pays you both an Active and a Passive income. Active income is the money you will make for conducting either in-person or online training sessions. Passive income is the recurring monthly payment (USD$35 per month) you will receive for referring other businesses to the StrategyX platform. You will receive this ongoing monthly payment (passive income) for as long as the company you have referred remains a subscriber to StrategyX.

Be Your Own Boss

You will decide when and how long you work. StrategyX will provide you with work as new subscribers sign up to the StrategyX platform. There is no obligation to accept any amount of work.

Help Businesses Grow and Communities Thrive

By helping businesses achieve their vision, mission and goals, you are helping business owners, investors, employees and the communities in which they operate live their lives full of opportunity. You will feel an exceptional level of satisfaction and happiness by helping others.

Criteria to become an Implementation Coach

•  Have a Passion for enabling entrepreneurs, business owners, and teams to gain the skills required to help their businesses achieve their vision, mission and goals. If you turn your obsession into your profession, you will never “work” another day in your life.

•  Be Humble – The number one attribute of good coaches is humility. Someone who spends their life taking care of others shows humility.

•  Be Patient – You’ll become an expert in the function and application of StrategyX. BUT not everyone you coach will have your level of understanding. It’s essential to recognize that some people “get it” faster than others and that some people may need just a little more time.

•   Complete a three-day training program to learn about the StrategyX platform and become an accredited implementation coach.

•   Maintain a customer satisfaction score of 95% “Very Satisfied”. After each training session StrategyX provides a survey to the participants of the training to gain their feedback on possible improvements. We use this information to help you develop and grow.

How to make it happen

Click on the “Live Chat” button below and ask us any questions you may still have.

We’ll answer your questions and get you on the fast track to becoming a StrategyX Implementation Coach.