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Knowledge is Power

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Case Studies on Strategy Planning and Execution

Richard Stupka is a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer at One Agency Longbeach. He uses StrategyX to put the structure in place for the long-term success of his start-up business.

Real estate agent says StrategyX is crucial to long-term growth

Richard Stupka is director of One Agency Longbeach in Victoria. He started using StrategyX in 2021 and says it’s been crucial to laying the foundation for long-term growth.

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Artem Soukhomlinov is CEO of House of I.T., an Australian-owned and managed company operating globally that uses StrategyX for sustainable growth.

House of I.T. credits StrategyX with sustainable growth and ability to scale

Since 2018 House of I.T. has been using StrategyX, a crucial tool to help them scale and grow their global business. They have increased revenue while decreasing overheads.

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