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Xero Integration with StrategyX

StrategyX + Xero: Key benefit

Seamlessly & directly align your StrategyX corporate strategy with your Xero financial information giving your business the best possible chance of achieving its vision, mission and goals.

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Why connect StrategyX to Xero

The benefits of connecting StrategyX with Xero include:

Perfect Alignment

Companies must have goals, and those goals need to be measured, monitored and managed. By integrating StrategyX and Xero you’ll be able to see how your companies financial information is directly aligned to your corporate strategic goals.

Make Decisions Faster

StrategyX and Xero provide the clarity to instantly see if a measure for a goal is on or off track enabling staff to make faster and better decisions for what will be in the best interest of your business.

Improved Engagement & Scaleability

When goals are clear, and scoreboards get established, staff will have the direction, clarity and visibility, enabling them to become engaged with the business’s requirements. StrategyX and Xero promotes increased engagement, which improves scalability and ultimately, business growth.


Staff must be assigned & accountable for business and financial goals. The StrategyX and Xero integration enables managers to identify where staff may need support or coaching necessary for achieving business and financial goals.

More Time - Eliminate Data Entry

The seamless StrategyX and Xero integration will eliminate data entry between the two applications, giving you more time to focus on what matters.

What StrategyX does

Platform: Establish the Foundation

StrategyX platform provides the essential building blocks for your company’s success. Your complete strategy is on one page , the simple user interface will ensure you’re clear on your goals, your team is aligned and you can measure, monitor and manage the progress in real time. With your business operating structure in one place you’ll feel comfortable and In control of achieving your business vision, mission and goals.

Process: Go From Plan to Implementation

We've have integrated proven strategy execution principles directly into the StrategyX platform, providing you with all of the processes, agenda’s, checklists, and mechanisms required to execute your strategic plan, grow, scale and ensure your team is both supported and held accountable for results. The StrategyX Platform and Process does not work on “Hope” as a strategy or principle. Your strategy & execution process will be well designed and provide a clear path to your goals.

Support: All the help you need

StrategyX platform provide training videos, tool tips, live chat and expert advice to support you in both the function of StrategyX and the knowledge required to grow and scale your business. You’ll have access to specialists consultants who will ensure you’re never left wondering what the next steps are. No matter what your business needs are we are here to help.

About Xero

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  • Reconcile in seconds. Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click ok to reconcile.

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Connect StrategyX to Xero

1 - Login & Find Xero Integration Section

If you are existing customer of StrategyX, Login into your StrategyX account.
Click here to register your company with StrategyX.

Go to Settings from sidemenu and click Other Settings.
Scroll down to find Xero Integration section

2 - Click "Connect" button

Click "Connect" button to connect your Xero account with StrategyX.
Clicking "Connect" will redirect you to Xero login page to authorize your Xero account & to give consent StrategyX to use your Xero data.
Login to your Xero account

3 - Choose Organization

You will be asked to choose Organization that will connect with StrategyX. Please choose your Organization from which you want to sync data from Xero to StrategyX.

Please review the data access permissions requested by StrategyX App.

Click "Continue" button & then you will be redirected back to StrategyX app

4 - Xero account connected

And that's it. Your Xero account now connected with StrategyX

You can now start adding Xero reports in StrategyX from Reports -> Other Reports.


For more details, Visit Xero Integration Help Center