Knowledge is power

Knowledge is Power

Quotes for Strategy Planning and Execution

It is essential to develop practical skills with the knowledge you possess


Knowledge is only power if you act on it. No amount of books, workshops, webinars, and courses will do you any good if they don't help you progress. Use StrategyX to make the most of any knowledge you have or intend to acquire: https://www.

Learning to extract the good things from negativity is an essential business skill.

Know How to Listen

Any publicity is good publicity, or so the saying goes. But that's only the case if you know how to turn bad publicity to your advantage. At StrategyX, we've been there and done that, so we can teach you the ropes: https://www.strategyexe.c

Saying yes is only a beginning of the battle

Just Because Someone Said Yes

Any sales person or business owner worth their salt knows that getting a yes from a prospect is only half the battle. The deal isn't closed until the money is in your account. Use StrategyX to strengthen your skills and get the deals closed

Get done with difficult things when they are small.

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Problems often grow over time when left unattended. That's why it's crucial to face any challenges head-on and as soon as possible. StrategyX helps you overcome said challenges so that you can get back to focus on what really matters -- gro

Your pace does not matter as long as you are showing up every day.

Do Not Stop

Consistency is key, and probably something you've heard countless times. That's because it's true. StrategyX helps you create a business plan and then execute it in manageable chunks so you constantly move the needle: https://www.strategyex

Thinking outside the box will help you succeed

Innovate to win

Ever heard of the road less traveled? It's a scary path to take because it requires you to think outside the box. Fortunately, we've been up and down that road at StrategyX, and can show you how to navigate it:

To end up in the best places, you need to drive in the right direction.

Change Direction

Whether or not you consciously decide on your direction, you're headed somewhere. More often than not, that somewhere is nowhere good if you haven't put thought into it. StrategyX is a platform designed to help you steer your business in th

Focus on small things as much as you would do on big things

Worth Doing

Anything worth doing, is worth doing properly. People who don't put effort into the small stuff rarely do for the big stuff. Your business is worth building properly, and StrategyX can help you do just that:

Actions portray your values better than your words

Give Me One Day with You

What we think we value doesn't always match up with what we actually value. That's why people's actions will often tell you more about them than their words. StrategyX can help you plan the right actions so that they match your words: https

The knowledge from your industry predecessors can save you both time and money


Standing on the shoulders of giants is one of the greatest advantages of being an entrepreneur. There is so much existing knowledge that'll help you save both time and money. And you can find much of it on the StrategyX platform: https://ww

Focus brings the impossible things close to possible


Ever feel so distracted by all the things you have to do that you find it difficult to do any of them properly? It's impossible to build a successful business without being able to focus on building each part of it properly. StrategyX can h

You can choose to make excuses or give better results

Excuses or Results

Excuses don't pay the bills, results do. But too many business owners fall back on poor excuses when they fail to achieve the desired results. StrategyX provides you with a clear framework for achieving said results without having to resort

Courage and efforts are lost without direction and purpose

Effort and Courage

Drive is an excellent trait to possess -- unless you keep driving head-first into a brick wall. That's why it's a good idea to have a clear purpose and direction so that you can put your drive to good use. StrategyX can help you tap into th

There's a difference between simply dreaming of success and working for it

Dream of Success

Dreaming of success is tempting because it doesn't require much effort. Chasing your dreams, however, does -- but not as much as you might think. StrategyX can help you break down your dreams into manageable tasks so you actually can make t

Great plans must be followed by great implementation processes


It's important to have a plan for your business, but it's worthless if you don't act on it it. Strategic planning and strategic execution are two equally important aspects of business. StrategyX is a platform designed to help you excel in b

Wishful thinking is not a gameplan

Hope is Not a Strategy

Too many entrepreneurs neglect to plan properly and just hope for the best. That's the same as gambling with your livelihood. So instead of betting everything on black, use StrategyX to help you craft a proper business plan: https://www.str

You do not fail, you discover the ways that will definitely not work

I Have not Failed

The process of elimination is always a good approach when you feel uncertain. Sometimes, you'll only find the perfect solution to a problem via trial and error. StrategyX is a platform built on that approach, which is why we can help you ac

Once you enter the business world, you should learn to rise up from the adversities

A Successful man is One Who Can Lay a Firm Foundation

Anyone getting into the businessworld should expect adversity. But it's how you deal with adversity that will determine your success. StrategyX can teach you how to turn a seemingly bad situation into an advantage: https://www.strategyexe.c

No matter how much you know, there are always new things to learn

Space for Improvement

Too many entrepreneurs tend to rest on their laurels once they've achieved a modicum of success. That's a sure-fire way to be overtaken by a hungrier competitor. StrategyX can teach you how to constantly improve so you stay ahead of the gam

Bringing together a great team with great focus can make anything possible

Magic Happens

Focus is a prerequisite for a successful business, but so is having the right people around you. But true success comes from having a focused team. Head over to StrategyX to learn how to build yours today:

Providing the best possible quality is the best business plan

Quality is the best Business Plan.

Cheap is expensive for both business owners and customers. The quick buck you make from delivering bad quality will cost you in customer acquisition since you won't retain any customers. StrategyX can help you build a solid, customer-retain

Like fire, learn to control your risks and rise up with it

Risk is Like Fire

Risk Management in a nutshell. Think about the unwanted events you DONT want to have happen in your business and put one or two things in place that stop that from happening.

Company culture is a result of habits

Result of Habit

Also the basis for company Culture

Invent your own game to beat the competition

You Have to Invent a New Game and Master it

Your focus should be to build your own challenges and master them instead of beating your competitors

It's vital to have continuous improvement despite the perfection standards.

Continuous Improvement

It's always better to keep taking one step forward in the direction of improvement than delaying perfection with every step

You need to have your business in your heart, and your heart in the business.

To be Successful

Having your heart in your business means you love what you do and you will continue to work at your businesses even when things get tough!

Earn your business brand like you earn your reputation


Your brand is your identity. Just like a reputation for a person is essential, your brand is essential for your business' growth

A busy life can stop you from focusing on the right things

Beware the Barrenness of a Busy Life

It's essential to prioritise the useful and important things in life to keep yourself from deviating from your growth

Our real happiness is in seeing you achieve your goals

Our Vision is to See You

Writing an exceptional vision statement is a challenge but if you get it right, it will inspire everyone on your team.

Delivering what's more than expected keeps you ahead of the curve

Always Deliver More Than Expected

Helping companies deliver more than customers expect IS the Key to Success

It takes a 1% dreams and 99% hard work to be successful

99 Percent Execution

Every dream is achievable if you have a clear vision, however, ideas and visions are nothing without execution. Let us help you clarify and execute your vision. Visit!

Having a mindmap of your business can help you remember the vision and goals of your business.


Regardless of your business size, there are always so many challenges to overcome and so many opinions on how to overcome them. Let's see if we can find a common theme and a broad solution here:

A company needs an internal mechanism like the human nervous system

Company Needs an Internal Mechanism

How do you know if you are winning or losing against your business goals?

You need to be innovative to be a true leader


Coming up with innovative ideas is the easy part! Implementing them is a whole different story. We'd be happy to show anyone how we help companies capture and implement ideas:

Improve your performance effectively with the help of pre-planning.

5P's for Getting Results

Every person has the same 24 hours in a day, and yet, some people manage to get a lot more value out of their time. So what is it that these people do differently? Well, they choose wisely what they will focus on for the day. More important

Do more than what you promised to do. Be accountable for your actions.


Accountability is the key to success. You need to take accountability for your actions and define them. This will help you improve and challenge yourself.

It's better to get small things done correctly than big things unsatisfactorily.

Better a Little which is Well Done

I think we all fall into trying to do too many things only to be left feeling exhausted and not happy with our own results.

Being on the same page of the same book is essential.

Same Page

It's easy to deviate from the challenges, but you need to find a common ground and be on the same level to find a solution to the problem.

Strategic planning can clarify the results, only strategic execution can guarantee it.

Strategic Planning Clarifies the Result

Take time to clarify the result and the engagement will come naturally!

Workig as a team with focus yields quick and perfect results.

When Each Man Works at a Single Occupation

A team can only achieve success if each member plays to their individual specialties that contribute to the overall goal.

Patience and persistence are the keys to running a great business.

Patience and Persistence are the Key

The journey of creating a great business isn't achieved overnight. You need to practice patience and persistence to build a great business emoire.

Aim at achieving your goals with double the pace and half the effort

Achieve Your Goals

Visit StrategyX to find out more about how to exceed your goals in the half the time:

Consider adjusting your action steps and not goals when they seem unattainable

Adjust the Actions Steps

Focus on adjusting your action steps instead of adjusting your goals if it feels like the goals cannot be achieved.

Good action can make us feel better, and those around us inspired.

Good Actions Give Strength to Ourselves

Leadership takes many different forms but one of the most important things we can do is inspire and motivate our staff. Visit to learn more!

By letting go of what you are, you may become what you want to be.

When I Let Go of What I Am, I Become What I Might Be

I love this quote!

Even when you are uncertain, you can find life-changing opportunities.

When Nothing is Certain, Anything is Possible

Happy Monday Everyone!! Lets not forget the amazing opportunities that are available even during the toughest of times!

Making your reality greater than your expectations is the key to happiness

Happiness Comes

Love this quote

Successful companies fix their mistakes, learn from them, and keep going.

Mistake Fixing Machines

Everyone makes mistakes. But mistakes only have value if you learn from them. StrategyX can not only help you fix business mistakes but also help you avoid making many of them:

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