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What is a scoreboard?

How exciting would your local football game be without a scoreboard? How many spectators would come to the game if no-one knew who was winning or losing? When you’re watching your favourite game, when does your adrenaline kick in? It’s when the scoreboard shows the teams’ scores are close. Every spectator and fan has their eye on the scoreboard.

When you set up goals in your business, you must have a way to monitor, measure, and manage goals to know if you're winning or losing. We call these measurements success factors. You log your success factors on scoreboards.

In business, scoreboards provide visibility over the measures used to determine a company’s, department’s, or an individual’s success. Unfortunately, business scoreboards are often overcomplicated and have so many datapoints they start to look like a Christmas tree. They end up doing nothing more than reminding you of what time of the year it is. 

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